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Joining masonry in worthing masons

Blue Table Festive Board


Cissbury Lodge will be holding a “BLUE TABLE” meeting in 2020 at the Charmandean , Worthing.

A “BLUE TABLE” is designed as a meeting open to men, who are NON-MASONS and may be prospective candidates, for them to have a taste of Freemasonry and to discover something about the fraternity before they take their first step. The Master and his Wardens will remain in Regalia after our regular meeting to greet our guests within the lodge , the Lodge will be closed but remained laid out, but the VSL, TBs and WTs will all be closed and not on show. This is an opportunity for the non-masons to ask questions of the Masons present.

This meeting is open to EVERYBODY, as we see it as an opportunity for ANY Lodge to bring along prospective Candidates. Please contact our dining secretary for further details.