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Sussex for Sussex

Background to Sussex for Sussex Appeal 2022

When the 2017 Sussex Festival for the Grand Charity (now the Masonic Charitable Foundation) finished, Province informed us that as there would not be another Festival for at least seven years, the Sussex for Sussex Appeal will continue and would need to raise £1m over the next five years to cover the planned donations to Sussex charities. The Appeal would run from March 2017 to March 2022.

With this appeal the PGM decided that there would be no individual honorifics ie. no individual targets or Stewards’ jewels, simply Lodge Patronages, their achievement allowing the Lodge to put that Patronage at the head of the Lodge Summons.

Based upon a membership of twenty-two at the time, our Lodge was set a target of £4950 calculated from each member donating £45 per annum, or roughly one pound per week, over the entire five year period of the Appeal.

Is £1 per week too much to expect its Members to give to support your Lodge in achieving its target?

Any Gift Aid claimed for individuals is additional income to the Lodge target. Quarterly “Report A’s” are sent to Province indicating all donations. Please note that this includes all “Zero” returns where Brethren have not made any contributions!

For those who do not understand “Gift Aid”, basically any taxpayer making a charitable donation that is “Gift aided” reclaims the tax paid automatically ( Province actually recover it) increasing, for example, a four pound (£4) donation into a five pound (£5) donation by simply filling in a form obtainable from your Charity Steward.

Sussex for Sussex is a good idea as Sussex masons are donating towards a wide range of “local” charities rather than into some central fund which go to support who knows what!

Your support through charitable giving is crucial to both the Lodge and the Province and should be shared across the entire membership. Cissbury has been very fortunate over the years through the generosity of its members in supporting so many Festivals and Charities and can be proud of all that it has achieved.

As your Charity Steward, I have been very lucky to have received such good support from our Brethren and I thank them for that, however the whole Lodge needs to embrace our continued charitable giving if we are to reach our targets as set by Province.


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